ECOFIN (General Assembly Second Committee)

The United Nations General Assembly Second Committee (also known as the Economic and Financial Committee or ECOFIN or C2) is one of the six main committees of the United Nations General Assembly. It deals with global finance and economic matters. The work of the Committee falls under eleven thematic clusters: Macroeconomic policies, Operational activities for development, Financing for development, Groups of countries in special situations, Globalization and interdependence, Eradication of poverty, Sustainable development, Information and communication technologies for development, Agriculture development, food

security and nutrition, Human settlements and sustainable urban development, The sovereignty of the Palestinian people over their natural resources.


  1. Reaffirming our Collective Commitment towards tackling Global Epidemics.
  2. Innovation and Creativity among Youths: The Pathway to Development.
  3. Curbing finances for the support of armed militia endangering global peace.