Research and Analysis of Global Phenomena: CIMUN is the first and only MUN in Africa to publish and provide Study Guides for her officials and delegates. Other MUNs are beginning to imitate such ideas. This research helps in developing the intellectual capacity of young diplomats as they provide solutions to global issues. These researches can also be utilized as Articles for publication on SCOPUS indexed journals as they seek to find solutions to problems and develop knowledge capital.

Opportunity Fair

A unique package at CIMUN is the Opportunity Fair which is a combined Business Expo and Educational Fair. Participants are given the opportunity to meet with diverse business brands, entrepreneurs and experts in different productive spheres of life. Delegates could leverage on CIMUN experience and network to get into Colleges/ Universities of your choice and find Internship jobs. Delegates could also develop a network of alumni from other MUN clubs and new friends which they interacted with during the Conference.


CIMUN is hosted within the premises of Covenant University which is among the Top 500 Universities in the world according to the TIMES Higher Education (THE) World Universities Rankings. You are welcome to have an amazing MUN experience in Africa’s Best Private University, Best University in West-Africa and Nigeria. Don’t miss out on having a cozy interactive and integrative MUN experience in an institution with world-class facilities as the Halls of Residence, conference halls and the Eagle’s Nest.

Explore Nigeria

 CIMUN provides delegates with the opportunity to explore Nigeria with her amazing tourist attractions and exciting social and educational centres in Nigeria. Don’t miss out on having a tasteful delight of Nigerian delicacies such as Nigerian Jollof, Amala, Edikan-ikong, Ofada Rice and lots more. We can’t wait to host you in Naija.


Events and Cultural Exchange: Participating at CIMUN guarantees you the opportunity to socialize at cultural banquets and events thereby promoting diversity and tolerance. Delegates are entitled to meet with youths of different cultural heritage. CIMUN Cultural Nights present an array of diverse cultural meals and attires.

Come meet us up close

The Covenant International Model United Nations (CIMUN) was instituted with the purposes of increasing the practical and experience-based approach to college study in Africa. CIMUN is consistently providing delegates from different counties with the possibility to acquire skills and experience that would be useful both during and after college as well as bring the youth closer to United Nations institutions and her activities.
CIMUN is a rendezvous of global youth leaders, many of whom are making substantial impact in entrepreneurship, social enterprise and various fields. CIMUN aims at engaging the African youth to learn the global perspectives to issues affecting the world which we live in.
At CIMUN, delegates build life-changing networks and create solutions to the problems threatening the world. The conference aims at enhancing diplomatic prowess among youths to improve their skills in terms of positive interaction which is relevant for promoting peace.

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